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Slow Down Tempo Without Affecting Pitch

Slowing down any video or audio file without affecting pitch allows you to learn anything faster! There are many different teaching techniques and many beliefs from the top instructors. But one thing that all of them can agree on is that it is better to learn to do something slower allowing your mind and body to engrave techniques into your sub-conscious mind then speed up over time. This is called "nuero-muscular programming."

We have just the thing to help you accomplish this...

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Note4Note Video Player 5

~ for Windows, Only $49.00 ~

Current Version: 5.6.15

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Would you like to improve your craft …whatever it may be?

Would you like to improve your skills in the most effective way possible?

If you said yes to either of these questions, then you have come to the right place.

It does not matter what you do... You will learn to do it faster with Note4Note Video Player!

Note4Note Video Player is an Award Winning Application!

Award Winning Application

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Our Mission

To provide quality software and solutions specifically designed for Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Home Based and Small Businesses.

We are committed to adhering to the highest standards in all of our services. Our projects are held accountable while maintaining standards of excellence and to uphold our reputation as a leader in program development. We are located in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Are you a Musician, Golfer, Athlete, Dancer, Student, Teacher or Instructor, or do you just want to use a high quality video player?

Are you a Musician? Are you a Golfer? Are you play sports? Are you a Dancer? Or are you just looking for a high quality video player?

Do you use video tutorials or lessons in your effort to improve your craft?

Slow-Motion and Repitition is the key!

Note4Note Video Player is designed for just that task. Tempo Control and Repetition are at the heart of Note4Note Video Player's core features. Slowing down tempo on a video without affecting pitch is just the first step in your practice. After that, your learning is accelerated by repetition.

You can set ‘loop points’ to repeat sections of a video allowing you to practice continuously at speeds that you're comfortable with. Then restore speed in small increments as you improve. You can even speed up faster than normal making Note4Note Video Player an effective speed trainer as well. This is a key element to your success in reaching your goals. Especially when physical movement of your hands and body are required.

Learn to Play Guitar Like YouTube's Fret Killer (FretKillr)!

If you play guitar you can learn to play like the ‘infamous’ FretKiller (FretKillr) from You Tube. He’s the guy on YouTube who did not want you to know his identity…. but what he did share with us was his amazing talent. Now you can load his videos into Note4Note Video Player and slow down the tempo without affecting pitch and maintain fantastic synchronization allowing you to learn to play just like him.

Take a look at this video with him at normal speed and then with Tempo set at -40%.

Get Free Instruction On The Internet For Just About Anything!

The Internet is full of high quality video lessons.

With the explosion of the Internet, video instruction has become more and more popular. You can download a multitude of instructional lessons on just about any and every subject. Simply download the video and open it with Note4Note Video Player. Then use its many features to enjoy the benefits and reach your goals faster!

Play any file that the Codec is installed for.

What Types of Media Can You Play?

Out of the box you can open any Windows media file type that ships with MS Windows. If you have the appropriate Codec installed on your system, then Note4Note Video Player will open and play it (ie: .flv, .mp4, .mov, .vob, etc.)! Virtually all Codecs for all video and audio types can be downloaded and installed for free.

See What Others Have To Say...

Folks just like you have been benefitting from the power of Note4Note Video Player's tempo and loop controls and have reported to learn at a much faster pace.

Learn to play guitar more affectively.

"I can tell you from my direct and near daily use of Note4Note Video Player that the new version is greatly improved. The third party video player engine was tossed and replaced with a DirectShow coded video player. Streamlined DirectShow programming was also used to achieve better Tempo control. This handles audio/video synchronization quite well down to around -50 to -60% normal speed which is incredible. The entire application was re-written to improve the performance of buttons, dials, sliders, frames and video resulting in a dramatic reduction in CPU usage. The end-user interface was improved to make it Current and Professional with photo realistic appeal. The tempo and loop controls are the heart of the application. Not only can I slow down my guitar video lessons but also speed up boring slow moving code training videos too. I sincerely love this program!!!" ~ Mark on Guitar and Programming Techniques ~

"I have been using your program for hours already (only downloaded it last night) even pre-registration and with the nag pop up. I needed to learn the guitar solo from Come up and see me by Cockney Rebel. I have now managed to get all the notes and just need to speed it up a bit. Your Note4Note program is brilliant! It even has useful features that I hadn't even thought about. All I wanted to do is to slow the music and keep it in pitch but you also have the loop system, brilliant!" ~ Grant on Guitar ~

Your Note4Note program is brilliant!

"Thanks so much ... I already know I love the program just from the trial usage! I play the violin and am working on my bow distribution and this program is EXACTLY what I needed to be able to watch how other violinists distribute their bow strokes, and you are right that every other program out there totally changes the pitch with their slo-mo. Thanks for creating this!!!" ~ Krista on Violin ~

I already know I love the program just from the 
        				trial usage!

So if you would like to learn your craft faster and more effectively, Order Note4Note Video Player now and save!

For a limited time we are lowering the price so that anyone can afford it.

You have nothing to lose and increased learning and enjoyment to gain!

Yes! I would like to learn faster!

That's right ...100% Guaranteed! You have nothing to lose!

Look, we want you to love Note4Note Video Player. More importantly, we want you to use it. In this day and age there are many people and companies that just want your money. I get it, we also need your support to keep this project going. But we honestly want you to succeed in your endeavors.

That is why we have made your purchase a "no-risk" proposition. Use N4N for a couple weeks, if you are not satisfied, just contact me and I'll return your money. All I ask is that you give N4N an honest try and, if you do request a refund, delete our software.

So why would I give you such an iron clad money back guarantee?

Because I know that practice starting slowly with repetition is the best way to learn and soon you will too! So use the link icons to the right to order now!