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Note4Note Video Player 5 Features and Version History

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Note: version numbering is interrupted as: (ie. Major.Minor.Build) Just because the build is a higher count does not mean that every build was released for download. It is just an identifier for the development team indicating the compiled build of the application.

August 02, 2015 v5.6.15
Finished the custom popups. While using the app myself I ran into things (behavioral) that I would like to be more user friendly. Like grid functions including adding the popup to 'goto' selected time, mode for right click draging to reorder grid. Added keyboard strikes for pausing (space and p keys along with Ctrl+P and Alt+P). Added video preview window allowing you to 'look ahead or behind' to jump to video position (like YouTube and other web based video players ...very cool). Fixed or Enhanced anything else I found.
July 10, 2015 v5.6.0 - June 01, 2015 v5.5.6
Just working on our custom popup menus. Added Auto Sizing for widths when the caption is larger than the menu width. Tweaked functionality in a few places.
May 27, 2015 v5.5.5
We have been working on an inherent problem with Microsoft's Visual Basic 6 development platform. The Problem: Using ActiveX Controls can cause an error message on exiting the program. This is not a bug in our program but a known documented issue with VB6 and ActiveX Controls. Thought you may (or may not) get this error it is a completely non-threatening error. In fact there is a windows setting that can eliminate the message altogether. We are working on the shortcut or popup menus and have removed yet another 3rd party ActiveX Control. Our goal is to eliminate any possible issue when using 3rd party controls and replace them with internal code. Actually, our menu system is much better looking! We will continue to work this problem until it is totally gone, even if we have to rewrite the application with a different development platform. We are heading there but still must support our existing software.
May 12, 2015 v5.5.01
Ok, a bunch happened. All of which surrounded the video player and its integration. The old engine was a third party tool that worked well but synchronization was a problem. Also, the code involved in its implementation was ridiculous. When they finally fixed it (after 5 years) they wanted an exorbitant amount to 're-buy' the tool. So we set out to create a better video player tool. This resulted in a fantastic player with unlimited ability to add more features and video/audio filters. Also, we built in karaoke (.cdg) playability directly into the control. The overall process reduced CPU usage by about 50%. Oh, and integration takes only a few lines of code! Along with the player improvements we addressed compatibility issues with Window 7/8. Some future advancements will probably see the removal of the bookmark section as the loop section actually duplicates that functionality. Simply double click the loop pair without the loop enabled and you have the same functionality as a bookmark! We also made assorted tweaks in usability.
May 16, 2014 v5.0.4
Fixed problem with Save/Load features.
May 11, 2014 v5.0.0
Re-Release with completely redesigned interface. Much better CPU usage and greatly improved Audio/Video synchronization. Audio delay is now a true delay of Directshow time stamps. However, the delay is not really that necessary anymore. You will find perfect synchronization all the way down to around 55% to 60% tempo reduction. Clean and rich visual experience with all of the features of its predecessor; New screen handling with full window video play or true full screen; All necessary controls can be found on the Full window screen so you can load N4N Video Player full window or in normal mode for access to all of the 'lesson' controls. Removed the uncommonly used skins to reduce footprint size. Evaluation period is now 30 seconds of full featured use; New pricing, and more enhancements, including complete re-haul of all the PIE Products controls. Now you will experience very smooth sliders buttons and dials offering a great end-user experience. The only thing not available at this time is drag-and-drop video play (which we are working on now!). This release is a must have. We have even knocked the price down to allow any and everybody the opportunity to afford to use Note4Note Video Player. Please remember to give us feedback via the new Feedback form. The icon can be found at the top right hand side of the screen.
Aug 29, 2013 v4.3.38
Fixed double click in Windows Explorer, associated media should open now;
Aug 02, 2013 v4.3.24
Modified the Loop List to enlarge when not showing the Audio Peeks; functionality tweaks in the loop/bookmark list;
May 14, 2013 v4.3.10
Continued CPU optimization; a few minor fixes;
May 5, 2013 v4.2.6
Revamped Karaoke CDG Playback Engine greatly reducing CPU usage.
April 29, 2013 v4.1.1
Fixed "double-play" on loop. Previously when looping you would hear a short repeat in the audio as it was switching to the start of the loop point. Fixed reported problems with the Loop Point and Bookmark Grids. The text was being cut off. Now the columns are resized to fit the narrowest text. Optimized selected code.
April 24, 2013 v4.1.0
Fixed problems with the Application Setup page relating to setup defaults; added PIE Lesson File default folder for storing .plf files; added zip/unzip files to the installation script for playing zipped CDG files; The changes were not critical for operation, however, we found them important enough to increment the minor version number.
April 22, 2013 v4.0.0
Roll out of Major Release Version v4.0. Updated the Loop Point and Bookmark feature for much better manual control. Entry of points is much easier and faster to build your Lesson Files. Added a utility to convert v3 Lessons files to v4 format. You will find it on the Misc. Tab of the Application Setup form. The user interface was modified to accommodate the new changes. We tried to keep it as close as possible, however, the command buttons for application features had to be changed from Icon/Text to just Icon based. Hover your mouse for tool tips on each button's functionality, Note: Soon the applications skin features will be removed unless enough current users send an email stating that they use the functionality;
March 3, 2013 v3.0.33
Fixed bug in Play List; Fixed install script problems on some machines;
August 20, 2012 v3.0.31
Fixed install problem with registration of MSADODC.ocx component. Created a work-around for CDG Not Found error on some systems (this is a MS Platform snafu!) Please remember to notify us of bugs or problems. Your help is appreciated and necessary.
Late 2012 v3.0.0
Roll out of Major Release Version 3.0
January 14, 2011 v2.7.0
Very minor corrections of a few quirky hourglass items. Optimized a few more procedures. Prepared for the change over to V3.0. CDG is on the way in the first roll out!
January 03, 2011 v2.6.0
Burned the candle at both ends and the middle!!! We continued working on code optimization and application load time. Re-designed the option screens and gave complete flexibility on what elements of the interface to apply when loading (Skin, Wallpaper, Buttons, Caption Colors, or even Windows Standard Interface). Load time was dramatically reduced using the Default Scheme as opposed to setting complete custom skin and color schemes. Now you can select to use the Windows Standard Interface and even turn off all of the interface elements. This gives users with older or slower computers the ability to use N4NP without bogging down their PC. Not to mention the even more dramatic load time reduction. The Standard Interface is not necessarily pretty, it is very "stripped down" but the decrease in load time is nice if you absolutely need the app to load at optimal speeds. Of course, you can even mix modes per say... i.e., Standard Interface with or without custom skins. Or if you're happy with the cool Default look and feel of N4N, then by all means use it! These changes were made to enhance N4N's usability for a bigger audience while putting more flexibility in the end-user's hands..
November 05, 2010 v2.5.0
Burned the candle at both ends this time! This is a fairly major update. Optimized code and dramatically decreased load time for both custom and default styles. Load time has been cut in half! We were going to add a feature to skip the splash screen for registered users. However, because N4N needs a bit of load time to accomplish its very cool feats of video/audio processing, the additional splash screen time is now fairly negligible compared to the needed total loading time. Therefore, we decided to leave it in. As a reminder, we have been working on and will be rolling out new features very soon. Plans are: additional video processing and learning enhancement features including the ability to play Karaoke files for playback with the lyrics. So, if you purchase N4NP it is a good idea to buy the unlimited update license. This will allow you to update to the latest version without additional cost for life!
November 02, 2010 v2.1.8
Fixed support for opening audio files on some systems.
October, 2010 v2.1.0
Began separating some of the option screens to make room for new features and options. Also, N4NP has many capabilities to open files in multiple ways. We have begun the process of incorporating these methods into intelligent processing modules. This makes room now and in the future for better processing of Audio and Video files. We will also be working on opening CD audio tracks. So keep checking for new options that should be available in the coming months.
September 8, 2010 v2.0.0
Cleaned up a few behaviors. The reason for the Major update is largely due to instituting a purchase policy that allows customer to buy their license which includes FREE Lifetime Updates. Customers with a previous version can download this version as a free update. However, in the future, major updates with new features will have an upgrade price attached to them if you do not purchase the Lifetime Update license. Note: We will continue to update Note4Note Player and there are plans ahead to add additional video processing and learning enhancement features.
July 27, 2010 v1.1.31
Added file association capability. Now you can set associations to double click a file type and open Note4Note Player to play the file. Note: Remember, you must install the proper file codecs to play file extensions not included in the Microsoft codec media series.
May 17, 2010 v1.1.0
Added controls for Audio Delay, Tempo Change and Loop Points on the full screen floating media controls. This allows greater control of the media while in full screen mode.
April 18, 2010 v1.0.72
Fixed a critical error with the player when you try to open a file that is not supported or the codec is just not installed on the system. This seemed to pertain to the play list. However, in theory, it should have crashed the app even when trying to open one file at a time. There was no real reason to test for that ahead of time... we just fixed it. Read the Getting Started Guide to find information on the installation of codecs. Also tweaked the slider for the media current position (sort of cleaned up its behavior a bit).
April 14, 2010 v1.0.70
Fixed one tool tip on the full screen mode media controls... Yes, I am that particular! You let me know, I'll fix it!
April 10, 2010 v1.0.69
Very, very, very minor changes to play list.... fixes that you would not even see or notice. We try very hard to account for contingencies that are not normally encountered to ensure the best possible product. ...Might add that these changes were after hours of play-time and testing.
April 09, 2010 v1.0.67
v1.0.66 Added Play List capabilities; v1.0.67 - oops!, fixed current song position snafu that was caused by play list.
v1.0.0 thru v 1.0.65
Minor changes, tweaks and or fixes
March 2010 Released