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Formerly PIE Products, Inc. we have dropped the "Inc." and we are now MEC Software. This change enabled us to lower the cost so we can pass that on to you by lowering the price of our applications! Nothing else has changed, we still have the same motto and provide quality software at an even more affordable price!

Note4Note Video Player 5

Completely rewritten! Learn anything faster by slowing down the Tempo without affecting pitch. Tempo control slows down video and audio files without affecting the pitch. Slow-motion video accelerates the learning of any activity, musical instruction, guitar, piano, violin, drums, golf, baseball, football, soccer, tennis yes even tidily-winks! Any activity benefits from slow-motion. Set loop points to repeat sections, set bookmarks, save and load lesson files for repeat use. Not only slow down video but speed it up for speed training.

Under Construction

DJ & Karaoke Hosting 2

For DJs, KJs and personal use. Host DJ and Karaoke shows with confidence in your software. Tried and true, Version 1 was developed for personal use. However, it was not made available to the public. Now Version 2 will be released soon. Having rewritten the entire application optimizing every feature, the app will hit the market sometime this summer. Check back for updates on its release date. Still check out the information page for screen shots and more info on its presumed features.

We will never sell or use your information for anything but sending an occasional letter when software is updated.

Just send us an email at: markecrum@pieproductscom and request to be added to our list.

Our Mission

To provide quality software and solutions specifically designed for Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Home Based and Small Businesses.

We are committed to adhering to the highest standards in all of our services. Our projects are held accountable while maintaining standards of excellence and to uphold our reputation as a leader in program development. We are located in Battle Creek, Michigan.